Carbon footprint and environmental indicators goes hand in hand

An energy management system of a printing company can easily be extended to cover the most important environmental impacts of the production. By doing this the company will be more capable of fulfilling the demands to the environmental performance from the market. Furthermore it will bring the management system closer to a certification according to ISO 14001 or EMAS.

The supply chain to the printing company is rather energy intensive and approximately 80% of the total energy consumed in the life cycle of the printed product is allocated to the manufacturing of the raw materials in the supply chain. From the perspective of a printing company this means that the raw material efficiency in the company is far the most important environmental impact of the company.

The energy intensity of the supply chain also means that carbon footprint is an excellent tool to manage the most important energy consumptions and environmental impacts in the supply chain due to the direct link between the energy consumption and the emission of greenhouse gases. This means that the most obvious way for a printing company to start working with some of the most important environmental indicators is to use indicators based on carbon footprint.

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