Do good things and talk about them to your customers!

Improved corporate reputation, enhanced customer connectivity/reliability and increased revenue: These are only a few of the potential effects going hand in hand with a profound green marketing strategy.

Do you know that you can make use of the strategic value of the new energy management standard (EnMS) developed in the EMSPI project? Absolutely: Energy management and economic prosperity are going hand in hand.
Especially entrepreneurs in the printing industry have a lot of choices to make. The technology changes quickly and customer requirements even faster. And: there is always the cost argument around. Energy efficiency and environmental awareness impose an increasing impact on consumer preferences. But being “green” and “energy-efficient” alone isn’t enough anymore. Instead you really have to demonstrate your products added value to your customers. That’s the point when a broad and solid green marketing strategy comes in place. With such a green marketing strategy you will be able to make clear why your products bear competitive advantages compared to your competitors and show your consumers how they can benefit from that. The decision to promote your company and your products not only with quality, but sustainability and/or eco friendliness, will therefore reveal a large scale of potential advantages to you and your company. Therefore we will give a viable support in showing how the EnMS adapted standard implementation can be incorporated in your company’s strategic plans and how your company will benefit from this.

So why don’t you choose to save the planet and directly make some money? At least this is what every entrepreneur should consider!

A detailed instruction of how to create and benefit from a green marketing strategy can be found in the deliverable 5.1 “Green Marketing Strategy” of the EMSPI-Project. 

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