Do your business, be eco-friendly and saving money at the same time.

Energy management is a hot topic for humanity. Greenhouse gases and global warming – mainly due to human activities - are serious problems that need to be solved as soon as possible. This problem is assuredly not a problem just for governments and other NGO’s, but also for the industry – including the Print media industry.

The SME’s in the business must therefore take their responsibility to reduce their energy consumption as much as possible. The reason is not just environmental advantages but also because of economic issues. Misusing energy is misusing company finances. No entrepreneur has this amount of money to burn up in their company. Profit maximisation business continuity should always be their main goal. This is why every entrepreneur in the print media industry should start an improvement programme to reduce the consumption of energy (such as electricity, gas, oil, coals or warm water).

The time is right to start a new way of business in a (corporate) socially responsible way. Be energy friendly and save some money at the same time. Better for your profit!

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