EMSPI really changed the attitude of entrepreneurs

EMSPI is the international energy project where the Dutch printing industry is participating in. The Dienstencentrum is with several companies actively participation as a project partner. One of the most important outcomes of this project is the increase of the awareness level of entrepreneurs of the printing houses. Due to the fact that energy is (still) not a ‘hot topic’ for the management table, a reduction of energy - and therefor greenhouse gases - is not happening. On the contrary: the production of greenhouse gases is continuously rising in The Netherlands. Therefore The Netherlands is officially now is the country in Europe with the highest rate of CO2 production. A serious change is needed to stop this contribution to global warming. EMSPI – with its tailor made energy management system - could be the answer for the print media sector.

But energy reduction will only occur when the awareness level of entrepreneurs of SMEs increases. The ‘small captains of industry’ should see the relevance and added value of energy management for their company. This in fact is one of the main goals of the EMSPI project: raising the awareness level in SMEs.

To get a general overview of the awareness level of SME’s per country about the relationship between EnMS and other management topics (defined in WP5), a Self-Assessment System (www.self-assesment.eu/emspi/) was created by Dienstencentrum as an extra deliverable with 15 general orientated questions about all issues of energy management. The results of this tool provides the consortium a clear viewpoint on the level of integration of energy management in the present organisation level of the SME’s. The conclusions can be reached by analogise the results from the first stage (0-assessment or Baseline-assessment) with the final results of the last measurements (Final assessment).


An astonish result occurred: the first ‘awareness score’ of the base line was just a 4.5 (out of 10), the final score (till December 2016) was 7.0 (out of 10). It shows a serious improvement in awareness level in the SMEs.

This means that the approach of the EMSPI programme seems to be successful in The Netherlands and that it is possible to alter the viewpoint of an entrepreneur of a smaller company even for a relatively unknown topic as energy management.

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