Energy management implementation status

Energy management is nowadays a subject that is inseparable linked to every company. Through an Energy Management System, companies are helped to meet the objective (of legal) to comply with energy efficiency and savings with the aim of actively reduction of greenhouse gas. In the print media Industrie more and more companies show serious interest here for.

From the EMSPI-project there are a total of 110 notifications to participate in the implementation of ISO 50001. Companies had at least four workshops for the implementation of the Energy Management System according to the ISO 50001:2011.

In addition to the workshops, there were visits on locations, in order to note to what level energy management within the business is actually carried out. It was striking how many companies still were surprised with the amount of work required for the realisation of the objectives for EMSPI-project. That was not all to the translation work of the written blueprint material to their own business operations, but many more to find the right energy data. Collecting energy data turned out to be the real challenge. Especially for smaller companies, which until recently, did nothing with energy monitoring. For the big companies it seemed something simpler since they keep track of energy data from the legal framework.

A final meeting with participating companies was organized. At the meeting, we have presented the interim results based of all data collected. On the positive side, the target for energy savings achieved are pretty good. As regards the potential CO2 reduction the result so far to call itself particularly well: the goal was 880 tons of CO2 reduction per year and it seems to be heading for more than 3,000 tons. The companies found this a good result and eventually see in practice how the effort over the last few months results in a success.

In addition presenting the results, we exchanged experiences. Companies indicate that it sometimes turned out by financial circumstances technical energy measures to be possible to implement. Companies indicate also they would like more insight into the payback periods (ROI). On the other side companies indicated that by many energy saving measures were implemented, that it was no longer certain that some more savings can be achieved. Taking part in the EMSPI project made sure for internal increase in energy awareness among colleagues and the topic ‘Energy’ is back on the boardroom making it again as a serious management issues.

From the evaluation of the implementation process, it appears most of the companies were satisfied with the EMSPI-developed material. It appears a large amount of participants are satisfied or very satisfied with the support throughout the implementation project. The participating companies also give clearly they actually expect to achieve energy reduction and will – by the pragmatic approach – recommend the EMSPI material to fellow companies.

We can therefore conclude that the EMSPI project is on its way to be successful. That success has been achieved by the good bet of the participating companies. They now have a strategic lead built up with regard to their colleagues, what benefits them once (in 2017) the enforcement in energy management from the Government will greatly increase. As is often said: ‘A good committed start is half the battle’.

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