Energy Sector Diagnosis

The work package 2 energy sector diagnosis  focuses on the analysis and assessment of the current situation of Energy Management in the European printing industry.

The objectives of WP2, according to the Annex I, are the following:

  • Defining an energy baseline for the printing industry in the five partner countries;
  • Analysing main energy sources, type of equipment, consumption parameters by energy sources;
  • Overview of barriers and obstacles and success factors;
  • Overview of best practices within the industry in Europe including current management practices;
  • Overview of legislation concerning Energy Efficiency and Energy Management in printing industry combined with guidelines or other requirements placed on companies (printing industry stakeholder’s analysis);
  • Setting the bases to create a tailor made road map to maximize effects within the industry in the EU

The implementation of WP2 has been successfully carried on.

The objectives have been achieved

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