Implementing energy management

The project Energy Management Standardization in Printing Industry (EMSPI) was by the end of 2015 changed into the phase of implementation in the Danish printing companies. Workshops have been carried out focusing first on an introduction to energy management and followed by training of the printing companies in working with energy management and improving the energy performance. 

In total 20 Danish companies are participating in the EMSPI project and have started the continual process of working with energy efficiency at the strategic level as well as the operational level of the company. The participating companies have shown great enthusiasm working with the developed tools and guidelines. 

In all participating companies the energy consumption as well as the potentials for energy savings have been mapped and analysed and the companies have started the process of setting specific targets and making action plans. In some companies the first energy improvement project have already been carried out while in other companies the projects are planned to be carried out during 2016 and 2017. 

The experiences from the participating Danish companies show five primary areas for improvements:

1.     Compressed air

2.     Ventilation

3.     Lighting

4.     Heating system

5.     Production machines

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