Press release: 05-10-2016: Implementing EMS in the printmedia companies


The five project partners from Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Spain and The Netherlands are implementing the Energy Management System in the SMEs. This project aims to increase the energy efficiency at European small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the Printing Industry by promoting the implementation of Energy Management System. This will make it for SMEs much easier to implement ISO 50001 energy management.

This will lead to the following results: the SMEs with a “full” energy management system will have potential on energy efficiency improvement. At the start of the project an ambitious target was set: 40000 GJ, 880 ton CO2 and € 915.000,-  of potential savings during the project lifetime.

The coaching of the participating SMEs will  increase awareness on energy efficiency and energy management and the developed tools and project materials within the industry in each country has to help to reach this goals. The first results of the participating companies, at this moment more than 60 companies with a full implemented EMS, are pointing in the good direction. End of December 2016 we know more. To follow this project go to our website:!


ENVIROS, Czech Republic, is a leading consulting company providing assistance mainly in the field of energy, environmental and business consultancy.

FACTOR, Spain, is well recognized for its knowledge on developing and applying climate change policies, mitigation and energy efficiency assessments.

INNOWISE, Germany, is a research & consultancy company with special expertise in innovation management, knowledge & technology transfer.

GRAKOM (Graphic Association Denmark), Denmark, is the principal organisation for Danish graphic companies composed by graphic production companies producing printed and electronic products.

DIENSTENCENTRUM, The Netherlands, supports around 400 media enterprises per year (mainly SME’s) in their management of their business. Dienstencentrum is also coördinator of the EMSPI project.