EMSPI: Significant potential for better energy management in the European Printing Industry

The EMSPI report ‘Energy Diagnosis of European Printing Industry’ evaluates the current status of energy consumption and energy management in the European printing industry.

The energy diagnosis shows that despite differences in the size and complexity of companies in the European printing industry there are also common characteristics which seem to be the same in all the countries:

  • The energy sources are in general uniform except for local differences in the use of energy for heating.
  • The primary energy consumptions in the company are in general related to the same type of activities with production machines, heating, drying and ventilation as the most important.
  • The structure of the industry is the same since the industry primarily consists of small companies.
  • The general level of energy management in the industry is low due to a lack of knowledge about the performance and the potential for improvements

The uniformity of the industry provides a great potential for the impact of the EMSPI project. The report underlines the importance of addressing the following issues in the later work packages of the project:

  • Develop easy available tools to map, monitor, and analyse the energy consumption in the companies.
  • Point out adequate key performance indicators and benchmarking facilities.
  • Develop tools and guidelines are targeting small companies.