Results WP-7 Validation

Feedback loops with the target actors outside the consortium will be introduced to strengthen the work programme in WP3, WP4 and WP5 to ensure an external quality review of the guidelines, manuals and spread sheet before their implementation in the subsequent work packages. The EMS standard developed will be assessed in terms of adequacy to the actual reality of the European printing industry and on the other hand indicators will be analysed too, both General and Specific indicators developed in WP2 and IEE Performance Indicators. 

Summery of tasks

The summary of implemented tasks is the following:

  • External quality peer-review of intermediate results
  • Validation of the results
  • Indicator assessments
  • Validation workshop with the stakeholders 

Validation forms used in the project (English)

In this project we will have several meetings with the stakeholders of this project. You can think of the participating companies, sector organisations, specialists in Energy Management Sysystems etc. These srtakeholders are defined in the document: Deliverable 7.1 Feedback about intermediate results_Progress Report  of the  deliverables.

To perform the validations a few validation forms are developed:

Are you a stakeholders with ideas for improvement?

If you want to give your opinion on the developed material, you have suggestions or proposals  to improve the material, please contact us. You can use this link to contact us.

Stakeholders meetings EU project: EMSPI