The EMSPI project has led to great energy and cost savings in Danish companies

The EMSPI project has successfully been implemented in 21 Danish printing companies. A total of 19 companies have implemented a full energy management system and 2 companies have participated as basic companies and has been introduced to the work with energy management. The participating companies have shown significant improvements on energy management performance compared to the rest of the industry. Companies have achieved large reductions in energy use, energy costs and CO2 emission. The total reductions for the participating Danish companies are approximately 10% in the project life time. 

The energy analysis made in each company as part of the project has in particular identified potential energy savings in relation to compressed air, lighting, ventilation and space heating. This is among other things due to old and inefficient installations and the fact that today’s production is different from earlier, and ventilation and heating therefore are not properly controlled and adjusted to the current need. Working with energy management can be a challenging task most companies have realized. In order to make real changes in a company the management have to support and facilitate the work with energy savings. Then goals and action plans can be made and fulfilled to reduce energy consumption and costs. Since energy management is new for many companies, there is a potential for further improvements regarding prioritization as well as in the areas of maintenance and monitoring of equipment and supplier management. However, this is only natural since it is the experience of Grakom that an optimal implementation of a management system normally takes several years. 

As a result of the project the companies have in general become more aware of the importance of working with energy savings. There can be money to save and simultaneously, it is also better for the environment and for the carbon footprint of the company and the products. 

In total, more than 100 SME’s from Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are participating in the project with the aim of implementing energy management in the printing companies. 

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