The EMSPI project presented on the European annual EGIN Conference Lisbon

On the annual conference of the European Graphic Media Industry Network (EGIN) at the 21st of April 2016, the EMSPI project was presented. The audience comes from VET institutes, employers en employees organizations, form 11 EU member states. Although, most of the participants are aware of our sustainability problems – the increasing energy consumption and the green house gas effect – most of them, didn’t take action for their own organizations. On the other hand, there where actually institutes who told they really realized some nice initiatives. For instance the changing of the TL lightning into LED. 

The EMSPI toolbox, created by the partners, with practical blueprint materials, can easily been used by graphic media VET institutes, to empower their own strategy about energy management. Most of the VET institutes have their own graphic arts production lines. Therefor they can use the created content for their own benefit. 

Let’s hope that more and more companies (SME’s), VET institutes, employer and employee organizations will be inspired to start to put energy saving into the scope of their own strategic policy. We know there is a big potential for this, due to the fact that the graphic media industry is a part of the creative industry, who wants to take their responsibility towards our environment.


Presentation Lisbon April 2016

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