The power of Quality Control for your energy savings.

Do you think that efficiency is only a hot topic for companies that focus on price strategies and is irrelevant for innovation or quality leaders?

And do you think that printing efficiency is all about paper consumption and related costs?

Do you also think that energy efficiency is only about modern machinery, management systems and cost monitoring?

Well, you are partly right, of course. But, it is also an incomplete and limiting viewpoint. There is much more about excellent entrepreneurship than only traditional cost-price management. Real management on the level of world class manufacturing, or the lean principles, focusses on all management issues. And surely one of them is quality control. Because mistakes in your production system, is a failure in your business case. Have you ever measured the unnecessary costs – among them the cost of energy - due to the repetition of printed jobs, stopping and starting the machines, implementing additional post production control actions due to production failures? We can tell you: it’s about 4% till 7% of your total turnover. An absurd amount of money.

A consultant ones said to a SME entrepreneur who wanted to start with an environmental management system: “Do you want to start with sustainability in your company? Very good, start then with quality control and lean manufacturing. This will be your best investment for yourself and the world we live in”.  

You know that production efficiency is a global concept encompassing the use of all the resources that are needed for the production of a single printed job, including energy. Perhaps you sometimes forget or simply don´t pay enough attention because it is not your primary concern. Efficiency affects all printing companies, no matter their size, strategy or resources. Fulfilling the requirements of printing products through validated best practices and proportional control processes leads to interesting energy savings. Thus a clear link between Quality and Energy Efficiency is born.

Have you really been working within a robust quality production system? We invite you to check it together with us.

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