There is something going to happen! Avoid threats, create opportunities with energy management ISO 50001

In the Netherlands 20 printing companies met on February 10 this year. Started the implementation of energy management. We are talking about the introduction of ISO 50001. Now, many entrepreneurs say, "What should I do with it and what I can do with it?". A good question. The 20 companies that were in the room - and indeed many other companies on the waiting list- know at least why. These include: actively respond to new stricter European and Dutch legislation on energy to work that way in CO2 reduction. And that is sorely needed, because the Netherlands currently does not meet its CO2 reduction commitments in Europe. To change that, the pressure on businesses will increase substantially from the year targeted enforcement from the competent authority. The 20 companies - large and small - that have been started like this dilemma in a strategic manner tackle by doing (free) with the European EMSPI project. Is this also a possibility for youCall the Dienstencentrum Service Desk (003120-5435688) and create an appointment. We will visit you and talk about the upcoming changes in the Dutch energy policy. There's really something to happen!

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