Deliverables WP5 Specific Guidelines Development

The Standard materials and implementation process has been established in the previous Work Packages but the consultant team aims to develop in this WP information and tools to maximize the benefits associated to the implementation of the Standard including strategic and operational criteria (green marketing techniques, KPI environmental indicators, quality control and analysis of ESCOs’ involvement potential).

In the project we made an extra deliverable: the self assessment tool Energy management: 

EMSPI Quick Scan (English)

- EMSPI Quick scan (Espagnol)

- EMPSI Quick scan (Czech)

- EMSPI Quick Scan (German)


D 5.0: (extra) operational guidelines on implement the EMS

D 5.1:  Strategic guidelines: Green Marketing Strategy

D 5.2: Quality control guidelines, technical paper

D 5.2: Quality control guidelines, strategic paper

D 5.3: Guideline – Environmental indicators based on carbon footprint

D 5.4: ESCO's potential involment guidelines

D 5.5: Communication material about the EnMS full scaled technical paper for the professionals

D 5.6 Communication material about High Level Structure (HLS)