Deliverables WP6 Implementation of Adapted Energy Management Standard

An adapted Energy Management System for the printing industry will be implemented in 100 SMEs with the help of consultants/Energy Managers to enhance the awareness of industrial associations and SMEs in the European Printing Industry by introducing different materials, awareness tools, benchmark tools for assessment, and a EMS Standard manual for the Printing Industry in EU.


ClimateCalc Basic demo

To give an insight into the feasibility of using the ClimateCalc Basic calculation tool a climate account for a fictitious company has been established. The tool can be tested in a demo version without user access. 
In the demo version it is not possible to change data and calculations or to print data and reports. 

Find the carbon account for the fictitious company as demo version here: ClimateCalc Basic demo


Participating companies

In the project 100 SME’s with a fulfilled energy management system according to EN 16001 and/or ISO 50001 and potentials on energy efficiency improvement will participate. Per partner country a minimum of 20 SMEs will participate. 25% of the companies will implement a Basic EMS and 75% of the SMEs a Full version of the EMS.



D 6.1: Participating companies (list companies at 12-05-2016)

D 6.2: Report on training for energy managers (including slides and training materials) (not published on the website)

D 6.3: 100 EMS Manuals of SME's (not published on the website)

D 6.4: Summery of energy efficiency potential improvals of 100 SME's

D 6.5: Final report on the final implementation workshops (not published on the website)